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With more miners each coin will be harder to get and hopefully receive a boost in price. The ccminer software miner for nvidia gpus has received another update of the source code this time adding support for the x11 algorithm for gpu mining crypto currencies such as darkcoin. It only drops to 1600 khs while playing counterstrike go above 60 fps with graphics cranked up, lol.

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Linux foundation announces new. The quark and qubit crypto algorithms continue to be quite profitable, but until recently these algorithms were mostly in the nvidia domain as the ccminer for nvidia gpus was faster than the available performance on amd hardware. In this post youll find the list of miner versions that performs well on a specific algorithm.

Contribute to nemosminerccmineralexis78 development by creating an account on github. Com will show you how to setup ccminer in ethos which can mine over 25 different coins. John oliver hbo show.

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Uncategorized south korea govt. Nvidia , ccminer , x11 . The project is compatible with both linux and windows platforms.

Contribute to zcoinofficialccminer development by creating an account on github. Protest erupts after police fatally shoot a black man in north carolina. South carolina bitcoin atm.

I just wanted to post that ccminer now supports darkcoin and im using it successfully in os 10. Ccminer ccminer is an open source project for cuda compatible gpus (nvidia). Great news if true, it will boost the number of potential darkcoin miners.

New sgminer with optimized quark and qubit binary kernels.

Tpruvot version - focused on the core, api and monitoring, compatible with linux and windows. Its first mainstream bear.