Crypto wednesday feb

Is there a doctor in the room to stop the bleeding?

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Crypto wednesday feb

The price continued to fluctuate close to the 3,600 mark for much of the weekend, and after reaching 3,625 again on sunday, btc has begun to retrace once again.

This week in cryptocurrency february 2nd, 2018 - coincentral.

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Crypto wednesday feb

Bitcoin red historical data.

Wednesdays price of 3,625 began the start of a sustained downturn as btc eventually fell to 3,570 on thursday, a drop of 1.

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Saturday feb 23 wednesday feb 27 tuesday march 26 to saturday march 30 im excited to run through all the charts of bitcoin and more than 50 different crypto charts, and see whats going on.

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Price action has been on a steady upward trend since prices plunged to their lowest since november 2017.