Dotcom meganet will use

Kim dotcom plans on creating a replacement to the internet, called meganet. Kim dotcom has revealed more details about how his internet service meganet will work, utilizing a better version of the blockchain technology and your smartphone.

Kim dotcom reveals more about his alternative internet.

Peg stablecoin tether has. Rather, it will use a new, faster form of blockchain to exchange data, he explained, referring to the distributed ledger system best known for being behind bitcoin.

Dotcom meganet will use

Meganet will work on non-ip-based internet that will use blockchains and new protocols to communicate and exchange data while using the internets existing physical infrastructure. Meganet, dotcom claims will use a faster kind of blockchain to exchange data while not having any ip addresses on the platform that goes some way to ensure privacy.

Daily digest kim dotcoms meganet will use blockchain.

Dotcom proposed that our smartphones become a key part of meganet. Dotcom said there will be no ip addresses on meganet the unique codes that identify a particular device online meaning the server cannot be easily hacked.

Dotcom meganet will use

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Wie kim dotcom auf seinem twitter-konto verrät, handelt es sich bei meganet um ein globales netzwerk. Das soll nicht nur verschlüsselt sein, sondern dem dezentralen gedanken folgend auch.

Meganet kim dotcoms alternative internet powered by.

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Identification study group under. The service will be totally encrypted and will be completely crowd-funded.

Kim dotcom is building his own private internet, allegedly safe from the prying eyes of surveillance authorities. Meganet will rely on peoples unused processing power on their phones and laptops.