President delcy rodriguez said

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Delcy rodriguez russia, venezuela to move pdvsa office to.

Winner robert shiller nobel. Russia has warned the united states against any attempts to impose an economic blockade on venezuela, the russian deputy foreign minister sergey ryabkov said in a statement.

President delcy rodriguez said

Rodrguez is the daughter of jorge antonio rodrguez a terrorist who was the founder of the leftist party socialist leagueand delcy gmez. The executive vice president of the republic, delcy rodrguez said on sunday that the plans promoted by the national right.

Venezuela to move pdvsa office to moscow from lisbon.

Venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered state oil company pdvsas office in lisbon to be relocated to moscow, vice president delcy rodriguez said on friday, a move she said was designed to help safeguard her countrys assets. Venezuelan vice president delcy rodrguez said friday during a joint press conference with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov that the venezuelan president gave instructions to close the pdvsa office in lisbon to move it to moscow.

President delcy rodriguez said

Bitcoin etf before. Vice president delcy rodrguez said venezuela will bring the matters to the uns attention, presenting strong evidence of duques complicity in training and arming terrorist groups.

She has a brother, jorge jess rodrguez , who served as mayor of caracas , and also served as vice president. Venezuelan vice president delcy rodriguez, speaking at a press conference, said that venezuelan president nicolas maduro has decided to close pdvsas office in lisbon and move it to moscow.

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Venezuelan vice-president delcy rodriguez warned that coup-plotter juan guaido faces jail if he returns to venezuela, accusing him of creating an international circus show after his attempts at getting fake aid into the country failed spectacularly last weekend. Venezuelan vice president delcy rodriguez on saturday called on opposition lawmaker and self-proclaimed interim president juan guaido to reconsider his course of action and stop the madness of calling for an invasion.

The comment comes as venezuelan vice president delcy rodrguez is paying a working visit to moscow amid the increased us economic pressure on the latin american country. Moscow has backed maduro in the face of a political challenge from opposition leader juan guaido, who declared himself interim president in january -- a move.

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