The ludwig von mises

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The ludwig von mises

Sean gabb, former director of the libertarian alliance, honorary vice-president of the ludwig von mises centre uk, and director of the centre for ancient studies joins us on episode 131 of the scottish liberty podcast brought to you by antony sammeroff and tom laird.

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Mises institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The ludwig von mises

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Ludwig von mises was born to jewish parents in the city of lemberg, galicia, austria-hungary (now lviv, ukraine).

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In the foreword to human action a treatise on economics, mises explains complex market phenomena as the outcomes of countless conscious, purposive actions, choices, and preferences of individuals, each of whom was trying as best as he or she could under the circumstances to attain various wants and ends and to avoid undesired consequences.

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