The stampery api

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Stampery leaders in blockchain-based data certification.

The stampery api adds a layer of transparency, attribution, accountability and auditability to your applications by connecting them to our infinitely scalable blockchain timestamping architecture.

The stampery api

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Stampery api programmableweb.

Seamlessly integrate industrial-scale data certification into your own apps.

The stampery api

With the stampery api you can certify a virtually unlimited amount of datasets or files by embedding their unique identifiers into both the bitcoin and ethereum public blockchains.

The documentation says to set the stamperytoken as the api key not sure how to d.

Javascript - how to set the api key in stampery api.

I am unable to figure out where to set the string api key in this api.

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Thanks to our technology, we can stamp up to exabytes of data and embed it on both the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains.