Wild keccak amd

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Wild keccak amd miner - crypto mining blog.

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Wild keccak amd

After each keccak round, pseudo-randomly addressed state vector used as addresses data is taken from scratchpad and xored with state.

Майнинг монеты boolberry картами amd на алгоритме wild keccak, дополнение.

Wildrig multi is the successor of original wildrig miner that has support for both amd as well as nvidia graphic cards and is well known for wild keccak algorithm.

The document explains the ideas and implementation of wild keccak a blockchain based proof of work hash function.

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Wildrig multi - amd only gpu miner supporting multiple.

Wildrig - the new universal miner with wild keccak algorithm details created friday, 0349 with the gradual replacement of video cards with improved devices on asiq chips, the developers of linux software increasingly began to pay attention to new or not popular algorithms for which there are not yet asik miners.

This miner is available for windows, ubuntu linux, ethos and hiveos.

This miner is a further development of wildrig miner which is only designed for amd mining rigs and has support for multiple algorithms.